Exhibitions - Open Sessions: Drawings in Context/Field

Open Sessions: Drawings in Context/Field

03.07.15 – 03.29.15

Community Partnership Exhibition Program

Encompassing practices in video, photography, drawing and sculpture, this exhibition is focused on the notion of ‘field/context’ as a political, historical, spatial, and technological construct.


In order to analyze contexts and fields artists utilize various modes of making. The artists presented do not attempt to resolve or locate their practices within any given mode of representation. Encompassing practices in video, sound, photography, drawing, performance and sculpture the works herein negotiate with spaces both ambiguous and direct.


The participating artists in Open Sessions: Drawings in Context/Field are members of the Open Sessions program at The Drawing Center, which fosters a dynamic, ever-evolving conversation with new drawing practices and practitioners, viewing drawing as an activity rather than a product. The exhibition is organized by Onyedika Chuke, a participant in Queens Museum’s Artist Studio Program and The Drawing Center’s Open Sessions participant.

Participating Artists

— Amadeo Azar

— Daniel Barroca

— Lea Cetera

— Youmna Chlala

— Onyedika Chuke

— Alexandra Lerman

— Harold Mendez

— Marcelo Moscheta

— Ronny Quevedo