Exhibitions - Nexus: Taiwan in Queens

Nexus: Taiwan in Queens

Nexus: Taiwan in Queens does not take an historical viewpoint to depict the Taiwanese immigrant society or does it narrate or illustrate the community story. The exhibition was created to explore a mental adjustment or transition in the immigrant experience, one that adapts to a new life.  


Nexus originates from the perspective of the Taiwanese newcomer’s awkward response to a different life; it examines this figure as an impressionable observer of a primarily foreign culture in which he becomes assimilated.  The exhibition is inextricably connected to the interactions of the Taiwanese community and the multiple tangents that make ideas of linkage and nexus a part of it.


Nexus investigates the stages of relocation, adaptation, identification, and recollection.  When global migration is rapidly increasing, “connection” is mediated by the trans-cultural self. The artists, Taiwanese nationals and Taiwanese-Americans, present their diverse outlooks on the fluidity and fusion of culture by directing their critique towards literal and metaphorical change. 


Luchia Meihua Lee, Guest Curator

Participating Artists

— Lin Jiun-ting

— Lin Pey-Chwen

— Lu Hsian Fu

— Massage Group (Chang Pean Cheng, Chen Shih Chiang, Wu De Cheun)

— Wang Te-Ho

— Wu Ma Li

— Yan Chung Hsein

— Chang Lishan

— Chao Yungshu

— Chen Chun I

— Wei Jane Chir

— Shih Chieh Huang

— Liao Chien Hsing/Jeff

— Lin Shih Pao

— Shu-Min Lin

— Marlene Tseng Yu

— C.J. Yeh

— Hung Su-Chen


Nexus: Taiwan in Queens is made possible by The Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, R. O. C.; additional funding is provided by the Taipei Cultural Center, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, and the Taiwan Center, New York. Additional support from China Airlines, Acer Inc., the Crystal Foundation, Pearl River Mart, and Taiwan Studies, Inc. The emerging artist projects are made possible by The Greenwall Foundation, Cowles Charitable Trust, American Center Foundation, and The Lily Auchincloss Foundation.