Events Archive - Page 2

An immigrant woman stands in the middle of a street in Chinatown. Her gaze is up towards the sunlight and her hands are placed confidently on her hips. She is wearing a teal, pleated, sleeveless blouse, a grey skirt, and grey cardigan with a hood partly draped over her head. Behind her is a number of street signs in English and Chinese.
A side profile portrait of a Black woman in black and white. She is posing against a white backdrop and in a seated posture. One hand is on her hip and the other is on her thigh, both clearly displaying a collection of bangles and rings. She is wearing black pants, a sleeveless top, a chain necklace and dangle earrings. Her hair is worn in a close cut shave. On her right bicep is a black panther tattoo.
A creek site where four women are engaged in research. The creek is a shimmery brown and sprawls out from the top right corner. There are small rock boulders and dense vegetation at the borders. Three of the women are crouched in the creek with their attention below the shallow water's surface. The fourth is up above with a clear view of the rest of the group. They are all dressed casually. Two of them are wearing floppy hats and three of them have bags strapped over their shoulders.