Event - Weather World’s Fair

Weather World’s Fair

12.03.17, 1:00 pm

This workshop investigates the material and symbolic interactions between weather and culture. In an immersive experience throughout the museum, participants will explore how we culturally adjust to the weather, in order to re-examine our understanding of the idea of climate change and its impacts. The resulting concepts will be presented as a proposal for a climate pavilion at the World’s Fair Expo in 2064.

Workshop is free and drop in.

About the Facilitators:
This participatory engagement is designed by the student cohort of the School of Visual Arts Weather World’s course. In this studio we’re adapting methods and tools from participatory futures design processes to broaden our ability to anticipate: to orient towards the future and make decisions for it and about it. We are focussing on exploring the role that both speculative and applied design can play in confronting the challenges of the Anthropocene, in particular of climate disruption. Rather than leaving speculation to experts, this studio operates through generative and interdisciplinary engagements with climate scientists, city agencies, and the public at the Queens Museum.

Free with Museum Admission
Location: Werwaiss Gallery
Age Range: 8-Adult