Event - Warming Up Winter: A Made in Queens Festival with Crafts, Music and Art Making Workshops

Warming Up Winter: A Made in Queens Festival with Crafts, Music and Art Making Workshops

12.13.14, 1:00 pm

The Queens Museum invites you to escape the winter cold and enjoy the holiday with live musical performances, art making workshops for families, and an amazing market filled local arts and crafts.

There will be a shuttle bus leaving from the Mets-Willets Point subway station from 1-5pm.

1:00PM “€“ 4:30PM  Made In Queens Market
Come support our local artists and artisans who will be selling incredible hand-made, original gifts for the holidays!

1:30PM “€“ 4:30 PM Live Musical Performances
1:30PM  Estudiantina Bolivia
With their colorful, elaborate outfits and incredible dance performances the dancers of Estudiantina Bolivia are sure to make you forget the winter cold in no time.

2:30PM  Corona Youth Music Project
The Children at CYMP have prepared several ensembles to present Holiday music that will warm our hearts.

3:30PM  BombaYo
Come and get warmed up dancing with BombaYo as they transport us to the Caribbean with their festive rhythms.

2:00PM “€“ 4:00PM  Holiday Photobooth with Project Luz

2:00PM “€“ 4:00PM  Art Making Workshops for Families
Come make colorful ornaments to decorate your tree or window!

1:00PM “€“ 4:00PM  Pesebre Navideño: Latin America’s Message of Peace, Love, and Faith in One Heart
Come build a traditional nativity scene with volunteers from Latin Women in Action


About The Musical Performances
The Corona Youth Music Project was founded in 2010 in Corona, NY to empower youth, fight poverty, and promote social inclusion through music education and participation in music ensembles. During the school year 2015, CYMP has 3 graded orchestras, a children’s chorus and 5 “€œPre-Orchestra”€ ensembles in different venues in Corona.

BombaYo is a youth project dedicated to preserving the rich Afro Puerto Rican tradition of Bomba. BombaYo took its name from several meanings of YO. Yo, is “€œI”€ in Spanish, or self “€“ “€œI am Bomba.”€ Yo, English slang to call one’s attention, as in “€œHey, it’s Bomba.”€ “€œYo’,”€ short in English from your, “€œYour Bomba.”€ Bomba was developed in Puerto Rico over 300 years ago by enslaved Africans from parts of West Africa and the Kongo region and also includes influences from the Spanish colonizers and native Taino people. Bomba is more of an experience than a show. It’s where singing, dancing and drumming come together in a community celebration of life. Boricuas on the island and stateside are reviving this tradition and in turn uncovering part of their cultural heritage.

About Project Luz
With photography as a tool to explore the city and tell its stories, Project Luz, is a learning space where participants can share different points of view through images. Founded by photographer and educator Sol Aramendi in 2004, Project Luz invites its participants, immigrants from Hispanic countries, to make connections between their everyday life experiences with learning. Project Luz is nomadic and its mother tongue is Spanish.

About Latin Women in Action
Latin Women in Action, Inc., located in Corona, Queens, was founded in 1990 with the mission to educate and empower immigrant families to overcome the challenges and obstacles they encounter. Our major asset is the trust and confidence our beloved community has bestowed upon us for 25 years and this is our way of giving gratitude.

About Open A.I.R. Artist Services Program
The expanded Queens Museum features a new, expanded slate of artist services, including a brand new Studio Program, with professional development features and a networking Lecture Series that draws on human resources at the Queens Museum. Open A.I.R. programs will offer professional development topics targeted specifically to all interested emerging artists. Open A.I.R. is made possible by a generous grant from The Scherman Foundation’s Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund. Additional support provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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