Event - The Moment Interactive Art Show

The Moment Interactive Art Show

08.20.15, 5:00 pm

Join us for a fun afternoon of art for the whole family, in which six Taiwanese artists set up a station that invites the audience to interact through various languages of art. This includes: improvisational dance and body movement that is a storytelling which involves artists; a video game; and a video projection on a cut fur “painting” that creates a moving landscape, bringing people and natural spirit into the works. It will be a moment that connects the family and individual.

Presented to coincide with the final event for the Passport Thursdays Outdoor International Dance, Music, and Film Series.


1. Sticky a Color: Pai Yu Hsuan – conceptual art, interactive with audience
2. Good Morning and Goodbye: Wei Hsinyen & Chang Mienmein – performance with audience
3. The Curse of Mannequin Island: Allen Yu & Bruce Lan – video game
4. Interactive Dance project: Yating Chi and two dancers  – interactive dance
5. Skin Deep: Collaborative Self-Portraits: Rosalie Yu & Alon Chitayat – 3D full body scanning with hand drawn textures
6. In the Mists of Lights and Shades: a collaborative project – video by Beryl Chen, fur painting by Catherine Lan, music by Shou An Chen

About the Program and Artists

1. Pai Yu Hsuan 白喻萱: Sticky a color

Sticky a color (pictured above) is an interactive activity that invites participants to say what color they think the Queens Museum is. Original Queens Museum-color-stickers will be provided to participants when they pick a color for museum. By exploring how people think of and treat of the living space in the 21st century today, My Little Space presents a series of participatory experiences in the community that emphasize accessible models for the production and dissemination of ideas. The activity aims to re-defend the space around us, together, and present the contemporary city.

Pai Yu Hsuan, known as Bai. An artist and a designer based in Brooklyn and running the My Little Space project. Her projects have been exhibited in Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Figment Art, Dumbo Arts festival, and Brooklyn Museum.

2. Wei Hsinyen 魏欣妍: Good Morning and Goodbye

A collaboration between Wei Hsinyen & Chang Mienmein.
Project Performance walking from Unisphere Gallery to the Panorama

0820-Wei Hsin Yen

“Listen to a city.
Listen to her.”- Wei Hsinyen

Wei Hsinyen is a Taiwanese artist working in photography, video and performance. Her work explores various social, sensory, and cultural implications of intimacy. She received her MFA in studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has presented work in spaces such as the Sun Gallery and Contemporary Art Space in Taiwan, Bauhaus Universität Weimar in Germany, CoCA Center on Contemporary Art Seattle, EXPO Chicago, Links Hall and Mana Contemporary Chicago. She currently lives and works in Taipei and New York.

3. Allen Yu & Bruce Lan 余政彥, 藍英禎: The Curse of Mannequin Island

0820-Allen Yu-image
Welcome to the mysterious Mannequin Island!

According to legend, travelers staying in the Chateau Tussaud resort during the Moonequin are transformed into living mannequins by a demon. Only those with a strong spirit (and a good camera) have a chance of survival – gathering the souls of all previous victims will break the curse! In this online multiplayer thriller, you play as one of the lucky few who can reverse the transformation. Explore the resort and photograph tourists turned-into-mannequins to collect their souls. But beware! One of you will embody the demon and hunt down everyone else.

Allen Yu (余政彥) is a game designer, game developer, and 3D artist for both digital games and board games. He received the Game Design master degree from New York University Game Center (Tisch School of the Arts) in New York in 2015.

Bruce Lan (藍英禎) is a game designer who has been working in the field for over three years. He is currently working on an Xbox One/PS4 brawler called Wulverblade at Darkwind Media, and also completing his MFA in Game Design at NYU Game Center, Tisch School of the Arts, class of 2015. He has also worked as a game designer at Gamania Digital Entertainment in Taiwan.

4. Ya-ting Chi (紀雅婷),Leslie Ann Kilpatrick, and Megan J. Minturn: Interactive Dance

Ya-ting Chi 紀雅婷 (b. 1985, Taipei, Taiwan) holds an MA degree from the New York University Dance Education Program. Chi also trained at the Jose Limón Institute and Mark Morris Dance Group. As educator/teaching assistant, she has gained valuable experience by leading creative ballet, modern, Chinese modern, and Contemporary Chinese Folk dance in many venues.

Leslie Ann Kilpatrick (Alabama, USA) earned a B.A. in Dance & Mathematics from Birmingham Southern College. She has collaborated with artists such as Germaul Barnes, Maria Gillepsie, Amanda Selwyne, and The Rogue Dancers. Recently, she has manifested her own artistic voice as The Dancing Mathematician in “Losing my Edge” & “Life Spiral” both site specific improvisational explorations of the coronal planes.

Megan J. Minturn (Omaha, USA) is a dancer, choreographer, and educator. Her company MJM Dance has performed at numerous venues. She has performed the works of Mabingo Alfdaniels, Catherine Gallant, Frederick Curry and many others. She teaches dance at the Brooklyn International High School.  She holds an MA in Dance Education from New York University, a BA in Philosophy from Fordham University.

5. Rosalie Yu & Alon Chitayat: 余香瑩: Skin Deep: Collaborative Self-Portraits
Medium: 3D full body scanning with hand drawn textures. Animated in After Effects.

8020-YU Rosalie YU-skin-deep-texture-map- HR
Rosalie Yu is a designer, maker, creative coder and visual artist. She is currently pursuing a Masters in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. Her work spans multiple artistic platforms that include interactive installation, live performance and projection design. With a background in psychology and art, she is interested in incorporating storytelling and narratives to bridge lives with emerging technology

Alon Chitayat (Israel – US) is a digital artist and founder of Animishmish Creative Studio, which explores the symbiosis of Video and Interactive engines. His work has been exhibited at international venues including “ARS Electronica Festival”, “Siggraph Festival” and more. Alon is currently engaged in graduate studies at the Interactive Telecommunications program (ITP) at NYU. His research is based on the study of drawing as a means for interaction.

6. Catherine Lan (藍巧茹), Beryl Chen (陳竹) , and Shuo An Chen 陳芍安 (Music)- Mists of Lights and Shades: A collaborative Project

In Mists of Lights and Shades, Lan explores new possibilities in her cut faux fur paintings with videographer Chen by focusing landscape projections onto the fur relief.  Lan uses a technique she terms “eliminating”: she cuts out the faux fur with scissors, producing relief-like “paintings.” The process is spontaneous and irreversible, reflecting the fact that “nothing can go back.” Ironically, the waterfall in Chen’s projection is played in reverse. Shuo-An Chen’s ambient music that depicts nature, wind, and birds, is conditioned by scissors cutting, ambulance sirens, and NYC subway sounds. The word “cut” also means to sing, play, or act for a recording. Mists of Lights and Shades is a quartet that explores the recording of a moment – Each artist acts out the “cut”– Lan’s semi-abstract landscape relief painting that invites viewers to touch it; B. Chen’s landscape projection that mirrors, fuses and completes the piece; S. Chen’s composed natural sounds;  and Chi’s dance that expresses the fauna and flora.

A different version of this piece, involving no projections but instead interactive dance organized by Ya-ting Chi will take place August 22nd and 23rd at the Queens Botanical Garden

Catherine Lan 藍巧茹 (b. 1980, Taipei, Taiwan) obtained her MFA in Painting/ Printmaking from Yale University School of Art in 2009, Artist Diploma and Post Diploma from National Higher School of Art of Paris in 2006 and 2007, and Bachelors from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 2003. She lives and works in Queens, New York. Fur piece courtesy of the artist and W.Ming Art.

Beryl Chen 陳韋竹 (b.1984 Taipei, Taiwan)is a New York based compositor, videographer, designer, animator and director. She obtained her MFA specializing in Computer Arts at School of Visual Arts in New York and Bachelor of Chinese Literature at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. She designs and broadcast titles. Her ability to visualize special effects from a background that merges art and science is a distinctive quality in her creative arsenal.

Shuo-An Chen 陳芍安 (Taiwan, b.1989) is a film composer, songwriter, and poet. She graduated from the Scoring for Film and Multimedia program at NYU. Having been influenced by classical, jazz, indie, and traditional Chinese music, she dedicates herself to integrating these. After graduating from National Sun Yat-Sen University, she studied at NYU and worked with Ira Newborn, Rich Shemaria, Joseph Church and Mark Suozzo.

Program curated by Luchia Lee for the Taiwanese American Artist Council

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