Event - Second Sundays for Families

Second Sundays for Families

11.08.15, 1:00 pm

1pm: Face the Music, the only youth ensemble in the country dedicated to the creation and performance of music by living composers kicks, off its four-concert series at Queens Museum with a performance by its improvisation ensemble, the Soundbite Orchestra. SBO’s current musical adventure is Walter Thompson’s Sound Painting. This gestural language employs an array of signs used to sculpt group improvisation. A director or “painter” stands in front of an ensemble and signs musical events such as long tones, pointillism, and “play a solo.” As the painter and ensemble respond to each other the audience will confront the unexpected and discover ethereal soundscapes throughout the sonic journey. The result is a musical experience that is at once spectral, colorful, and occasionally humorous.

2pm: Museum educator will lead exhibition tours of the newly opened retrospective of Chinese American artist Zhang Hongtu. He playfully combines East and West, high and low, past and present. From interpretations of European artists like Van Gogh and Warhol and remakes of ancient waterscapes of Chinese master Ma Yuan to fusions of historical Chinese iconography with American consumer products, Zhang’s work facilitates humorous mashups that open up the play between cultures. At 3pm, Educator will do combination tour of Panorama & Zhang Hongtu exhibit.

1:30-4:30pm: Museum teaching artists help you make your own collages inspired by the combinations of Chinese and Western imagery you saw in works of Zhang Hongtu.