Event - (Offsite) Rights and Reflections: Spoken Word, Poetry, Rights, Art

(Offsite) Rights and Reflections: Spoken Word, Poetry, Rights, Art

06.25.16, 4:00 pm

Join leading community activists and artists in Diversity Plaza (37rd between 73rd and 74st in Jackson Heights, Queens) to share reflections on racial and religious discrimination in post 9/11 America. Participate in know your rights workshops, learn about resources for reporting discrimination, and demand the fair and equal treatment of all communities.

The night will conclude with a discussion led by Deepa Iyer, author of We Too Sing America. Deepa moved from India to Kentucky when was 12 and since become an activist, writer, and lawyer. In November 2015, her book was selected as one of the top ten multicultural non-fiction books of the year by the American Librarians Association’s Booklist magazine.She is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Race Forward. She blogs at deepaiyer.com and tweets at @dviyer.

Funding support for activities at Diversity Plaza are provided by the NYC Department of Transportation’s One NYC Plaza Equity Program. Activities are coordinated by Queens Museum, NICE, Chhaya, Bangladeshi memory project,Filipino American Book Festival, DRUM. Special thanks to all workers and neighbors in Jackson Heights.

Questions? Email agarcia@queensmuseum.org