Event - QueensEnglishToday


12.03.17, 2:00 pm

The promotion of linguistic diversity and expressive plurality is a hallmark of public justice, especially in New York, the city that never speaks one and the same language. This “Queens English” poetry/prose/performance at Queens Museum, the sequel to QueensEnglishToday.mp3 at CUNY Graduate Center, explores and enacts the world of dynamic Englishing and languaging, its polyphonic futurity.

Readers and performers include:

Intro by Q Lee B (Kyoo Lee & Lee Ann Brown); Bruce AndrewsDaisy Atterbury; Chia-Lun ChangCosmic Myth Fits/Corona (Patricia Clough, Elizabeth GarciaYeong Ran KimOmar Montana, Mac Morris, Jansiel PolancoElijah Kuan Wong); Paolo Javier; Scott Kapuscinski; Maria Lisella; Multilingual Collab by Laynie Browne (and Patricio Ferrari); Ariana ReinesSt. John’s Queens (Dohra AhmadSteven AlvarezJeremy AshtonSamuel ChangRaquel CoronaDannie RouseAngy Velazquez).

Followed by Discussion & Light Refreshments

Organized by Kyoo Lee & Lee Ann Brown

Co-sponsored by: The Center for Humanities at CUNY Graduate Center; Queens Museum; mp3: Poetry, Philosophy, Performativity Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research; and the Department of English, St. John’s University.