Event - Queens International 2013 Video Screenings

Queens International 2013 Video Screenings

12.07.13, 1:00 pm

Video Program includes Q&A with several of the video artists who will be present. These will be done intermittently throughout the program after their respective screenings, facilitated by QI 2013 co-curator Hitomi Iwasaki.


1. Tushevs Aerials, Tushevs Aerials over the World (2013), 30:00 min.


The perspective from an airplane scales down everything to the size of a canvas. As flying-machine enthusiasts, Tushevs designs, builds, and flies drones and transmit live video from them.


2. Deville Cohen, Poison (2011), 18:00 min. and trailer for ZERO (2013), 3:33 min.


Combining elements of theater, sculpture, collage and cinematography, Deville Cohen’s Xerox-based construction creates works that consider our relationships to everyday objects and environments. Playfully negotiating the spaces between the real and the represented, object and subject, the alienated and the integrated, the artist creates a visual language of an idiosyncratic system of relations and understanding.



3. Michelle Marie Charles, Hot ‘n’ Fresh out the Kitchen (2013), 16:29


Hot “€˜n’ Fresh Out the Kitchen is a video performance exploring the spirit of cooperation amidst external oppressions. With R. Kelly’s 2003 “€œIgnition (Remix)”€ in the background, signifying racial and gender stereotypes, two women attempt to cook against all odds: they are physically restricted and unable to speak. Creatively they persevere, performing synchronized dance moves along the way. This work is a meditation on ingenuity, expression in times of tumult, and the spirit of interdependence among those with marginalized identities.



4. Anna K. E., Cultural Catalyst that Drives the Popular Dialogue Globally (2012), 5:50 min.


In Cultural Catalyst that Drives the Popular Dialogue Globally, the camera captures the artist’s feet in a pair of satin ballerina shoes as she moves through her studio on tiptoes in a precarious parcours. The playful but hard-fought struggle for a position becomes a powerful metaphor for the artist’s self-restraint, with unexpected moments of reaching creative surge, extreme tension, and personal threshold that subsequently involves release and loss of control. Filmed by the artist, the five-minute, 50-second duration of the video is the exact length of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Concerto for Piano & Orchestra No. 1 in D Minor BWV 1052: II Adagio.



5. Nitin Mukul, Crater (2013), 15:00 min. and Haal (2012). 24 min.

Haal and Crater are the fifth and sixth in a series of video works made by Nitin Mukul since 2008, in which he explores the boundaries that separate painting and video. In a frozen state, paintings melt and disintegrate while recorded in video. Although painted with some premeditation, the disintegration is subject to forces beyond control. The work is informed by the Hindu Shaivite concept of creation and destruction being intertwined. Haal is a Sufi term referring here to a trancelike state of expanded consciousness, induced by fixating on a cataclysmic process.


Queens International 2013 is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York, La Guardia Corporation, Ford Foundation, Contemporary Art Foundation, Target, and Holosonic Research Labs, Inc.

Additional funding provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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