Events Archive - Page 5

A gray colored almost transparent rectangular piece of glass with a fold on the left side sits inside of a silver lead cylindrical folded base. The folds are soft . Inside the glass is an abstract shattered image in a rectangular shape with the top corner cut and placed at the far corner of the glass. The folds of the silver stand are visible through the glass.
A fair-skinned woman is pointing to a small white bowl surrounded by two young children.
In the center is a large billboard along a desert road . The left side contains the text “You keep our most brilliant minds in a perpetual loop of articulating and translating the ramifications of your systemic generational plunder” written in capital bold black letters against a magenta background. The right side against a white background is the image of the artist on a motorcycle with flowers cascading from the back seat as she holds the picture of a man standing at a podium. The billboard stands in a desert with wind turbines, mountains and blue sky in the background.