Event - Our Time Together Performing

Our Time Together Performing

09.25.16, 1:00 pm

In this highly experiential workshop, part remembering, part envisioning, part conversation, part meal and fully rooted in life, participants are invited come together to perform the now as it reveals itself second by second. The group is introduced to individual and collective exercises inspired by the teachings on movement, performance art, art in everyday life, theater, activism and self-care articulated by Anna Halprin, Augusto Boal, Linda Mary Montano, and Luke Dixon. The exercises introduced will familiarize participants with their bodies and with breathing techniques so as to facilitate the use of writing, sketching, and movement to explore centering, listening, trusting, and comradeship. The evolving gestures resulting from these engagements are used as material to shape Our Time Together Performing and as a tool for helping intuit art in our most commonplace situations. Emphasis is given to process, improvisation and play.

Free and Open to the public.

Registration is strongly recommended:

Register: email: ggaraycochea@queensmuseum.org

This class is geared to adults only. No previous art background required. Wear comfortable clothing and sandals or similar footwear that you can take off if you wish.

Queens Museum Theater, 2nd. Floor.

This event is presented in collaboration with No Longer Empty, and at the conclusion of the workshop participants will be invited to submit a work to Nicolas’ open call for HERE IN JAMAICA, a digital exhibition to be featured on No Longer Empty’s website.