Event - Queens International 2016 Performances

Queens International 2016 Performances

05.08.16, 2:30 pm

Melanie McLain: Self-Extension Roll

Queens Museum_20160410-105

Self-Extension Roll is a performance that will activate the space, architecture, and audience surrounding the Queens International 2016 exhibition. Multiple performers will conduct subtle, choreographed movements that explore how the physical senses inform our social environment, either moving in unison or improvising according to a set of predetermined guidelines. Working in tandem with McLain’s sculpture Prepersonal, currently on view in the galleries, the performance complicates our ingrained relationships to intimacy, touch, and sensory connection, blurring the boundaries between physical and psychological, public and private space.

Image: Melanie McLain, Self-Extension Roll (performance view), 2016. Courtesy the artist. Photo by Kuo-Heng Huang

Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin: Debate Competition 
For her Debate Competition performance, artist Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin enlists local debate students from the High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies to argue a topic related to contemporary art. At the Queens Museum, two teams of students will debate the pros and cons of the resolved statement: In the future, an artist does not need a body.

Debate Competition is presented in collaboration with the New York City Urban Debate League.
Students – High School for Dual Language & Asian Studies
Elizabeth Chen
Tamera Johnson
Vadym Byelik
Tina Li

NYCUDL Rep– Tiara Moultrie 

Coach– Bryan Lucero
Debate Competition is presented in collaboration with the New York City Urban Debate League.
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