Event - LiVEART.US


11.19.16, 2:00 pm

LiVEART.US, independent Performance Art initiative created and organized by artist Hector Canonge, continues in the Fall season with the program “Territorialities.”

November’s program, “Territorialities,” focuses and explores notions of geographical displacement, altered environments, gendered psychogeographies, and ritualistic communal experiences. Participating artists have been invited to present new works for the series hosted at the Unisphere Gallery of the Queens Museum in New York City.

Artists: Gian Luigi Biagini (Italy / Finland), Jorge Ismael Rodriguez (Mexico), and Performance Art Collective, Legacy Fatale (United States), and Yasuno Miyauchi (Japan).

LiVEART.US was established as a platform to present and feature local, national, and international artists working in Live Action Art and its diverse manifestations. The program features works where the body, as main instrument for artistic creation and expression, is the catalyst for sensorial experiences, cultural interpretation, and critical reflection. LiVEART.US main objective is to further support the creation and presentation of new works in Live Action Art in an environment suitable for reflection and dialogue. The series follows and complements the monthly program TALKaCTIVE: Performance Art Conversation Series initiated by Canonge in September 2014.

About the artists:


Gian Luigi Biagini was born in Italy, and currently lives in Helsinki, where he is doctoral student in Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. He has experimented with many media but now he defines himself as ANARTIST (Anarchist Artist) and describes his praxis as DISTURBANISM (Disturb and Urbanism). Since he moved to Helsinki 5 years, he started doing interventions in the urban space to disturb the capitalist organization of space-time . The urban everyday is the field of battle of his war-machines that subtract the organization of the space-time and unleashes the becoming of an autonomous event. His actions are like urban sacrifices inspired to the Urban Riot that he sees as the repetition – with a disguised “mask” – of ancient rituals of expenditure and transgression. He feels his actions are driven by the rebellion of the flesh to the abstraction of urban space, to the discipline imposed in its organization and to the axiomatic of exchange value inscribed in it: all processes for molding a “docile body”. He has been performing Disturbanist Actions in Helsinki, Amsterdam, Marrakech, Berlin, Venice, Pittsburgh, Novi Sad and now in New York. He has given courses and lectures in Aalto University (Helsinki) and in the Art Academy of Latvia (Riga).


Jorge Ismael Rodriguez was born in Mexico where he studied Visual Arts. As an artist, he creates and develops strategies and interventions as platforms for Public Art in urban marginal settings. His work uses symbolic imagery where ritualistic processes change the physical space, promote interaction, and reflection of audiences whom he called “simbiontes.” Rodriguez has participated in more tan 200 art programs receiving awards and recognition, among them the first prize in the II Mostra Internacional de Arte Ultratual, Brasilia, Brazil, and the “Artista del año 2005” with the Proyecto Cultural Sur-Vancouver. Rodriguez has developed installations, performances and other Contemporary Art experiences in Social Practice which he calls “Procesos Simbióticos,” like “Forest Hope” for the Echigo Tsumari Art Triennial Japón, “M12 monumento al paraguas”, México in ARCO, Spain, “Sopa Sur”, Proyecto Cultural Sur, Canada, and “Musee de la fin du Mundo” CRANE, France.


Legacy Fatale is an interdisciplinary performance art collective founded by artist Coco Dolle in 2008. Celebrating the all-female society of Greek Amazon Warrior Women, the group represents a hybrid breed of historic and pop cultural icons, a cross-pollination of mythical and contemporary female archetypes. Addressing concepts of leadership and theories of migration, the collective channels a creative model of consciousness raising feminism.Through site-specific performances, Legacy Fatale focuses on multi-generational and multi-cultural formations amongst local communities and peers. Legacy Fatale has performed at international venues including the Armory Show (NYC), Radical Manchester Wonder Women Festival (UK), Deitch Projects Gallery (NYC), Art Basel Miami (FL), Rosekill International Performance Art by Women (NYC). The collective was an artist-in-residence at Select Fair Miami (2014) and is the recipient of an international grant by The British Arts Council and Alexandra Arts (2016). It is presently in residence in Brooklyn NYC with performance art gallery Grace Exhibition Space (2016-2017). Performances were featured in press such as The NY Observer, Art Forum Diary, BlackBook, The Wild Magazine, WhiteHot Magazine and Paper Magazine.


Yasuno Miyauchi is a Japanese composer. In 2005 she graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University, where she studied classical and modern music composition. From 2005 to 2007 she was a graduate student at IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences), where she studied media art, computer music, and algorithmic composition under Prof. Masahiro Miwa. During her research she developed a musical expression using the human body, and she created the choir piece “breath strati”, which focuses especially on the voice and the overtones, and the piece got the “Honorary Mention” at “Prix Ars Electronica 2008”. She is interested in music performances where many people form a group to create sound, paying special attention to the voice and the body. Thus she launched the music performance group TSUMUGINE in 2008, now TSUMUGINE is performing actively. Recently, she have challenged composing for Japanese traditional music, and have released a new piece for Japanese ancient instruments and for Shomyo (Japanese buddhist chant). She have been working on this simple musical method called “TSUMUGINE Method”, to organize various workshops and outreach programs at schools and NPOs for people of all ages with different background, trying to apply the method not only in artistic approaches but also in other social issues such as education and welfare.

More information: liveart.us@gmail.com