Event - Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema at Queens Museum

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema at Queens Museum

08.04.18, 12:00 pm

We are thrilled to be a venue for this year’s Kew Garden Festival of Cinema.
The first and only film festival of its kind held in Kew Gardens, NYC, The Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema was founded by three local independent filmmakers with a passion to get movies made. Wanting to expand the reach of artists’ work and recognizing the challenge of the visibility of independent film, their aim is to establish a presence in and spread awareness of cinematic creativity throughout Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Queens and the neighboring communities.
Join us for an exciting series of documentaries, shorts, web series, music videos and more at the Queens Museum, while supporting the local independent film scene.
Make sure to check out KGFC presents events, a series of free workshops, presentations and talks for anyone interested to venture into and step up their game in the film arts.
All films and programs, with the exception of the outdoor Passport Thursdays event, will be presented inside the Queens Museum theater.
Purple links for tickets and rsvp’s. Red links for film descriptions.

Saturday August 4th:


QM Block 1

Between Neighborhoods (documentary)

The Emoji Song (music video)


QM Block 2

Nothing Changes: Art for Hank’s Sake (documentary)

Shenidom Bahmeni (music video)

Pachinko (experimental short)


Sunday August 5th


QM Block 3

Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare (documentary)

165708 (experimental short)


KGFC Presents

Special Presentation: Making a Web Series with Filmmaker Rodney Ferrer


Wednesday August 8


QM Block 4

The Commodore Story (documentary)

Where Am I – Coloacoaster (music video)


QM Block 5

Operation Wedding (documentary)

Beneath the Ink (short documentary)


Thursday August 9


KGFC Presents

Synimatica: The Future of Online Streaming


KGFC Presents

Stepping Up Your Act: A SAG-AFTRA Workshop on independent film contracts


KGFC Presents

Independent Filmmaking: From Concept to Reality


KGFC presents at Queens Museum’s annual outdoor international film series Passport Thursdays:

On the Road Somewhere


Friday August 10


Web Series Block A

Uncle Oscar

Your Mom Says Hi

Root for the Villain


Web Series Block B


Three Trembling Cities


End Unsung

The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood

After Oil



* image credit: from web series “End Unsung” by Rolf Lindblom, screening on Friday August 10