Event - Introduction to Taiwanese Cinematic History

Introduction to Taiwanese Cinematic History

07.09.17, 1:00 pm

Come and learn about Taiwanese cinematic history with Judy Yenti Chu!

The cinema of Taiwan is deeply rooted in the island’s unique history. Through this three-hour long workshop, participants will explore the rise of Taiwan’s film industry starting with the movies produced during the period under Japanese rule, all the way to contemporary movies. In recent years, Taiwan’s film industry has received recognition due to a number of internationally respected filmmakers, such as Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Edward Yang, Ang Lee, and the Malaysian-Chinese Tsai Ming-liang. The instructor, Judy Yenti Chu, will dissect their styles and elements. She will also use different approaches from historical, political, cultural, and theoretical aspects to provide the audience a global view of Taiwanese features.

Judy Yenti Chu is Program Assistant of the New New Yorkers Program at the Queens Museum and also a Coordinator for the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York. Chu is a graduate of the Communication Arts of New York Institute of Technology (M.A.). Her documentary New York, New Year was a project funded by the National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan. She has been teaching in colleges, art centers and museums. She is also committed and interested in the subjects of immigration and community engagement in Taiwan and the United States.

• Free Program in Mandarin
• Queens Museum Theater, second floor
• No pre-registration required

透過此三個小時的工作坊,主講老師將從台灣電影的萌芽談起,介紹從日治時期在台製作的電影、台語片黃金時期、健康寫實主義電影、瓊瑤電影、及新電影時期到近期代表性電影等,藉由歷史、政治、社會、文化及作者論等不同面向, 解說在各階段的延續與轉變; 討論四位台灣影史上的重要導演: 侯孝賢、楊德昌、李安、蔡明亮, 其獨特的影像敘事風格與主題,建立台灣電影在全球影史上不可或缺的地位, 記錄不同的台灣面貌。

朱晏締畢業於美國紐約理工學院傳播藝術碩士, 現任皇后美術館新紐約客課程專案助理,以及華僑文教服務中心行政專員。紀錄片「紐約, 新年」曾獲得國家文藝基金會補助, 並在台灣及美國都從事學院、美學中心和美術館的教學, 長期關注新移民及社區發展議題, 並參與多部影像紀錄創作 。

Image: Photo by Judy Yenti Chu