Event - In Search of Something Special/En busca de algo especial (Offsite)

In Search of Something Special/En busca de algo especial (Offsite)

09.20.15, 1:00 pm

A Celebration of PLAY for Children of ALL Abilities!
Una celebración de Juegos para Niños y Niñas de todas las habilidades!

Sunday, August 23. 1-5pm | Domingo, 23 de Agosto, 1-5pm
Sunday, September 20, 1-5pm | Domingo, 20 de Septiembre, 1-5pm
Sunday, October 4, 1-5pm | Domingo, 4 de Octubre, 1-5pm

Location: Playground for All Children, near 111th Street & Corona Ave (in Flushing Meadows Corona Park)
Ubicación: El Parque de Juegos Para Todos Los Niños y Niñas, cerca de 111th y Avenida Corona (en el Parque Flushing Meadows Corona)

Come and enjoy this series of fun family events that demonstrate that there is nothing more creative than a playground full of activities that recognize that there is something special in all children.

Ven a disfrutar esta serie de eventos familiares que demuestran que no hay nada más creativo que un parque de juegos lleno de actividades que reconoce que hay algo especial en niños y niñas de todas habilidades.

Come and learn about SENSORY PLAY!
Ven a aprender sobre actividades sensoriales!

-build stuff with colored mud! construye con lodo de colores!
-paint with colored bubbles! pinta con burbujas coloradas!
-paint with movement, light and sound! pinta con movimiento, luz, y sonido!
-fun with aromatherapy! diviértete con aromaterapia!

Learn about the history of this playground as the first in America to integrate activities for differently-abled and normatively-abled children, and learn about the community-driven movement to build on the legacy of inclusivity and innovation of Playground for All Children by advocating for bringing a first of its kind indoor “Sensory Space” to the playground.

Aprende sobre la historia de este parque de juegos como el primero en Estados Unidos en integrar actividades de niños y ninãs con discapacidades con niños normales, y aprende sobre una iniciativa para continuar mejorando este parque como el más inclusivo y más innovador del país!

Activities | Actividades

Ripping/Sculpting project (Queens Museum educators: Rachel Shipps)
participants rip and combine paper into sculptures along with found and recycled materials, including natural materials from the park. Colored tape holds the sculptures together.

Bubble project (Queens Museum educator: Jennifer Candiano)
participants blow colored bubbles onto the paper, exploring their unpredictable landing places, and after seeing what the bubbles have made, use drawing materials to elaborate on the shapes they see.

Rainbow Resonance (Interactive media artist Sofia Paraskeva)
a computer vision installation that generates colors and musical sounds of the equivalent sound frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, according to the motion of the participant. The audience is encouraged to participate in a playful performance that engages the body to produce colorful images and sound resonances through simple movements.

The Nose Knows (Perfumer and scent artist Anne Serrano-McClain)
an olfactory workshop for families; natural ingredients that form a perfumer’s’ palate will be sampled, and their origins, properties, and uses will be discussed, as well as the memories that specific smells trigger for participants.

Mud Exploration (NYSCI educator Delia Meza and NYSCI Explainers)
Families will engage in sensory and scientific exploration through squishing, mixing, pouring and playing with mud, and using scientific tools such as magnifying lenses, graduated cylinders, beakers, sieves and scales to investigate mud.

Mud Painting (NYSCI educator Janella Watson and NYSCI Explainers)
Families will paint with colorful mud and make hand-prints on large paper murals.

Partners | Associados

NYC Parks Department

Worlds Park Community Advisors
A project aimed to amplify the voices of community members in proposing creative improvements that tackle important issues at FMCP.

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Conservancy
A park conservancy organization working to make its namesake park more productive and enjoyable.

Queens Museum’s ArtAccess Program
A department within the Queens Museum that provides programs for thousands of children and adults with varying physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive abilities across the New York City area.

New York Hall of Science / Dept. of Early Childhood Education
NYSCI’s commitment to transforming STEM learning through Design-Make-Play is brought to life through its Early Childhood Initiatives (ECI), where our youngest visitors (ages 0 – 8) explore, play, and learn. ECI exhibits and programs, including Family Science Adventures, Little Makers, and workshops for young children on the Autism Spectrum, aim to advance creative thinking through imaginative experiences that enliven the senses, spark curiosity, and nurture children’s natural inclinations to design, make, and play.

A nonprofit organization that works for families and young people with all disabilities by providing a resource helpline, individual advocacy, specialized trainings and community awareness events.

O to 1
An architecture and design firm that is developing a range of products that testify to the power of design to dramatically transform living environments for children with special needs and offers lessons for how we shape our schools, libraries, parks, and playgrounds.

Sustainable Queens (SustyQ) is a grassroots initiative which promotes health and community engagement in Queens by integrating artistic creativity, holistic wellness practices, and ecological principles of building healing spaces.