Event - Ecuadorian Film Festival: La leyenda de Tayos, Paper Airplanes, Vacío, and Letters from Eustapia

Ecuadorian Film Festival: La leyenda de Tayos, Paper Airplanes, Vacío, and Letters from Eustapia

10.30.22, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Queens Museum is excited to be part of the seventh annual presentation of the Ecuadorian Film Festival organized by Maravilla, the New York-based organization dedicated to raising awareness of Latin America through films and the arts. With special screenings at Queens Museum on October 29th and 30th, day two of the festival will showcase four films and feature director Q&A’s.


The 12 p.m screening will showcase La leyenda de Tayos (Legend of Tayos) (86 min) and Paper Airplanes (18 min) followed by a conversation with director of La leyenda de Tayos, Galo Semblantes. The second screening at 2pm will present Vacío (92 min) and Letters from Eustapia (17 min) followed by a conversation with the director of Vacío, Paul Venegas.






La leyenda de Tayos (Legend of Tayos) (86 min) directed by Galo Semblantes and Paper Airplanes (18 min)


La leyenda de Tayos (Legend of Tayos) (86 min) directed by Galo Semblantes


Janos Moricz, a visionary Hungarian explorer claims to have found a metal library inside a cave in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Certain that his discovery could change humanity, he insists on getting the support of the government and other institutions to make new expeditions and achieve the recognition that his find deserves.


Paper Airplanes (18 min)


Mateo (16) goes through a confused homosexual and psychic awakening. The spirit of Rosa (40), his mother, tries to say goodbye but he doesn’t let her. When Carmen (70s), his grandmother, is admitted to the hospital, Mateo establishes a bizarre relationship with the spirit of Enrique (18), who has just committed suicide. These encounters will lead him to experience and cross the fine line between love, life and death.




Vacío (92 min) with director Paul Venegas and Letters from Eustapia (17 min)


Vacío (92 min) followed by a Q&A with Director Paul Venegas


LEI and WONG clandestinely arrive in Ecuador. She has only one objective, to reach New York. Whereas he longs to bring his son from China. But CHANG, a bipolar mobster becomes obsessed with her and will decide their fate. When a smuggling scheme sets LEI and WONG at a crossroads, they can only rely on each other to reach their freedom. “EMPTINESS” dives into the emotional journey of the immigrant, when hope is subject to masculine power relations and individuals struggle to save their dignity.


Letters from Eustapia (17 min)


A copy of a city built completely underground called Eusapia is the starting point of an investigation, far away from home. The filmmaker simultaneously faces an unexpected phone call from his father who reports unfortunate news. The search for the grounds of the hidden city creates intimate encounters that merge into a common reality, raising questions about distance, home and death.


The Ecuadorian Film Festival runs October 29 through November 6th in various locations in New York. To find out more please visit their website at https://www.ecuadorianfilmfest.com/.


The Ecuadorian Film Festival is a competitive film festival, first of its kind in the world dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the burgeoning cinema of Ecuador. Made possible with the support from Telemundo, Queens Museum, New York Women in Film & Television, Barrymore Film Center, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, ShortsTV, Candesco Productions.