Event - Curator Walk-through & New New Yorkers Workshop:

Curator Walk-through & New New Yorkers Workshop:

01.12.20, 2:00 pm

Please join us for the last day of the Community Partnership Exhibition Worker’s Studio: El Co-op.


The Workers’ Studio: El Co-op is a series of collaborative art projects that use art as a tool for worker-led organizing. The Workers’ Studio is nomadic, and functions mostly in Day Laborers’ Worker Centers as a weekly encounter facilitated by the artist Sol Aramendi. Workers use the studio to create art projects that support their organizing and advocacy. This exhibition features a series of photographs, writing and works created by the participants.




2-4pm: Workshop on Collaboration and Cooperative Values (in Spanish)


As part of the museum’s New New Yorkers program, this conversation and workshop led in Spanish and situated within the exhibition, is specifically geared towards adult immigrants. The program will be facilitated by the exhibition curator and educator, Eva Mayhabal Davis. Participants will be invited to reflect on their daily lives, tasks and personal journeys, mapping out ideas on how to be more cooperative. The conversation will explore the benefits of collaborations, including how collaborating manifests from our home to our communities. 


4-5pm: Curator Walk-through with Eva Mayhabal Davis (in English)


Curator Eva Mayhabal Davis will give a special tour of the exhibition, sharing insights into the various participating immigrant-led cooperatives in the show and the creative process they have been involved in. Everyone is welcome.


Workers’ Studio: El Co-op is an exhibition by the artist Sol Aramendi. Encouraging new immigrants to lead through art, Aramendi works on socially engaged art collaborations that are part of an evolving social sculpture integrating labor, immigration and art. Sixteen years ago, she moved from Argentina to the United States and founded Project Luz.


The Community Partnership Exhibition Program at the Queens Museum provides opportunities for cultural and other nonprofit organizational partners to develop and mount short-term exhibitions based on their programs and our collaborative projects.