Event - Corona Children’s Orchestra Concert

Corona Children’s Orchestra Concert

12.13.13, 6:00 pm

Join us to celebrate the growth of Núcleo Corona during 2013.

The concert will include over 150 young musicians, members of the Corona Youth Music Projects orchestras, choir and orchestral initiation ensembles. The Corona Youth Music Project (or Núcleo Corona) is the first “€œEl Sistema”€ inspired program in Queens, New York. “El Sistema” is the common name given the now global movement of social action through music, especially youth orchestras. It serves this diverse community and its neighboring areas.


Corona Youth Music Project, Immigrant Movement International
Corona Youth Music Project, Immigrant Movement International

The project includes an after-school programs and intensive seminars and camps. This “€œnúcleo”€ will support at least one children’s symphony orchestra and one choir, along with instrumental and musicianship training.

It serves the neighborhood by providing a safe, fun place for children to develop discipline, persistence, and self-esteem through music, and become productive valued members of society.