Event - COPE NYC presents Inside/Outside Exhibition Program

COPE NYC presents Inside/Outside Exhibition Program

08.11.17, 10:00 am

Please join us for an opening reception that is not to be missed. With a Performance Showcase that is as exciting and colorful as the Inside/Outside art exhibit.

10am1pm: Gallery Opening Reception for Pop up Exhibition in the Community Partnership Gallery

11am–12:30pm: Performance Showcase and Certificates of Recognition ceremony in the Main Atrium 

Inside/Outside: Ambassadors of Kindness, COPE NYC, and New York City Art Teachers Association/United Federation of Teachers, are proud to announce the second installment of the Inside/Outside exhibition at the Queens Museum.

This project has evolved from a personal project focused on anti-bullying to one that uses art as a way of encouraging positive action, building resilience, encouraging resistance to violence, protesting inequalities, spreading empathy and compassion, and just generally making our local communities (and by extension our country) safer, more welcoming, and inclusive places.

Through this summer series, selected Ambassadors of Kindness created a body of work through multiple forms of expression. They helped foster a celebratory environment to make an individual’s lived experience visual and tangible in a positive way. At a time when there is a sense of ambiguity concerning humanitarian strides in accepting diversity, this project can remind everyone that: You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force. – Publilius Syrus

Over the course of the Inside/Outside summer series of workshops, the Ambassadors talked about, drew, and performed acts of kindness. To read more about the first installment of the Inside/Outside exhibit, please click here and go to page 40.

Performance Showcase includes:

  • Poetry By Katori Walker (community artist)                                                                                 
  • Original song on ukulele by Charles Umana
  • Songs by Jasper Lewis
  • Original song by AHRC musicians from  AHRC on Broadwaya group of talented performers from the Redfield Center, specializing in songs from Broadway shows, and incorporating actual Broadway performers in the shows.  Judy McLane from Mamma Mia will be performing with AHRC on Broadway.

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