Event - Casey Tang, Untitled (Rivers)

Casey Tang, Untitled (Rivers)

11.08.15, 4:00 pm

Casey Tang gives a dynamic multi-media presentation of his research into the historical and international spread of industrial capitalism, a conceptual basis for his latest filmic work Untitled (Rivers) (2015). The 10 minute-long film features a commissioned music score by Fernando Perez that chronicles the multiple origins of guitar-like instruments, such as the Chinese guqin, and their cross-cultural stylistic permutation. The presentation will comprise a photographic and sonic collage to chronicle Tang’s extensive research and film production processes. The event will also feature a live performance by Dan Rosato and Stephen Dydo of the film’s score by composer Rob Rusli. Followed by a Q&A session with Casey Tang and Queens Museum Director of Exhibitions/Curator, Hitomi Iwasaki.

Hosted in partnership with Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW).

About the Musicians

Robert Ouyang Rusli is a composer, sound designer and experimental rap artist based in Queens, NY. He has been commissioned for multiple orchestral works and musicals, and has scored dozens of films and web series that have won awards at national and international film festivals.

Stephen Dydo composes for a wide variety of media, including chamber, orchestral, choral and electronic pieces. Much of his recent work has been involved with ancient music; as a teacher and performer of Chinese guqin, he is involved with preserving some of the world’s oldest music. In addition, his field recordings made on the western Tibetan Plateau have been released by Pan Records. He was president of the New York Qin Society for 10 years.