Event - Book Launch and Readings: Resist Much / Obey Little

Book Launch and Readings: Resist Much / Obey Little

04.16.17, 3:00 pm

Join the Queens Museum and Spuyten Duyvil Press for the official launch of Resist Much / Obey Little, new anthology of poetry in response to the most recent presidential election. The 740-page edition was spawned on the day after the election, when Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson of Dispatches from the Poetry Wars decided that the time was right to create a platform for resistance poetry to incite the passions and intellect of a stunned public, who now more than ever, need to be engaged in the political process. They reached out to a team of powerhouse poets and editors who in a manner of 4 months assembled 350 poets to participate. These editors include: Michael Boughn, John Bradley, Brenda Cardenas, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Kass Fleisher, Roberto Harrison, Kent Johnson, Andrew Levy, Nathaniel Mackey, Ruben Medina, Philip Metres, Nita Noveno, Julie Patton, Margaret Randall, Michael Rothenberg, Chris Stroffolino, Anne Waldman, Marjorie Welish, and Tyrone Williams. The book was published in March 2017, as part of Dispatches Editions (an imprint of Spuyten Duyvil Press).

Following the readings, join us from 5-6pm for light refreshments, book sales, and signing.  Sale price is $30.00, with 50% of all net sales receipts donated to Planned Parenthood.

Former Queens Borough Poet Laureate Paolo Javier and Co-Editor Andrew Levy will host readings by the following  participating poets:
Bruce Andrews
Rosebud Ben-Oni
Katy Bohinc
Charles Borkhuis
Lee Ann Brown
Xanath Caraza
Ruth Danon
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson
Andrew DuBois
Lisa Freedman
William Joseph Freind
Philip Fried
Quintus Havis
Bob Holman
Darrel Alejandro Holnes
Brenda Iijima
Judith Johnson
Vincent Katz
Burt Kimmelman
Robert Kocik
Ron Kolm
Andrew Levy
Susan Lewis
Eileen Myles
Murat Nemet-Nejat
Nita Noveno
Julie Patton
Ilka Scobie
Larissa Shmailo
KC Trommer
Matt Turner
Joshua Weiner
Don Wellman
Suzanne Wise
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
Anton Yakovlev

“we can’t build a wall. we can only spout pure water again and again and drown his lies. “—Eileen Myles

“Racism, xenophobia, misogyny and their related malaises are to the U.S. what whiskey is to an alcoholic. The current occupant of the White House won the election yipping, against possible recovery, “Drinks are on me!” The rich, multitudinous voices in this anthology variously call for—having embarked on—the hard work of sobriety, sanity.”— Nathaniel Mackey

“Poets are summoned to a stronger imagination of language and humanity in a time of new and radical Weathers. White House Inc. is the last gasp of the dying Confederacy, but its spectacle is dangerous and addictive so hold onto your mind. Fascism loves distraction. Keep the world safe for poetry. Open the book of love and resistance. Don’t tarry!”—Anne Waldman

To read more about how this remarkable anthology was birthed please visit Bustle or Best American Poetry


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