Event - Boo! The Winter Spooktacular Ball

Boo! The Winter Spooktacular Ball

01.24.15, 2:00 pm

This year we have a trick up our sleeve. The Spooktacular Winter Ball will have a SPOOKY CIRCUS THEME! Wear your saved Halloween costume and bring your top hat for much ballyhooed family circus fun.




A Cavalcade of Fun with Ringmaster Jenny Romaine and Circus Amok!
Heart Stopping Scavenger Hunt and Fearless Feather Balancing
Hippodrome Bingo (with Genuine Fake Hippos and Astounding Prizes)
Palindrome Parade Through the Panorama (and Back Again!)
Big Top Bar for Adults and Cotton Candy for Kids
Ring Toss Raffle, Clown Face Painting, and Much More




$75 contribution: Up to 6 event tickets, 6 raffle tickets ($50 value), Family Membership
$150 contribution: Up to 6 event tickets, 12 raffle tickets ($100 value), Family Membership, One VIP Parking spot for the event, Opportunity for advance sign-up for Big Time Summer Art Thing for Kids Summer Camp (placement not guaranteed)
$20 Individual Tickets (ticket price includes one complimentary raffle ticket)


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