Event - Barricades Workshop

Barricades Workshop

02.13.22, 2:30 pm

Join us for a workshop centered on Julian Louis Phillips’ series of sculptures entitled: Barricades. Phillips’ works simulate the appearance of concrete police barricades seen throughout Flushing Meadows Corona Park and New York City. The sculptures are currently on view in his exhibition The Strategic Response Group (TSRG).


The artist critically examines the relationship between policing and public space by presenting structures that are normally meant to obstruct and direct behavior as suddenly lightweight and mobile. Some of the barricade sculptures on view are soft to the touch and invite communities to voice their power by writing or drawing directly on the surface. These works exemplify the artist’s intervention and subversion of embodied forms of control and dissent.


The workshop includes reflection on protest experiences, play and collective movement-based exercises with the imitation barricades on wheels, as well as visioning and drawing sessions on how barricade structures can be reimagined during protest and beyond.


No registration is required for this workshop.


Proof of COVID-19 vaccination and ID is required for entry to the museum, along with mandatory mask-wearing. More info here.