Event - Annual Diwali Celebration with Hindu Temple Flushing

Annual Diwali Celebration with Hindu Temple Flushing

11.11.18, 1:00 pm

Deepãvali or Diwali, is called the “Festival of Lights” since many lamps and fireworks illuminate the darkness of the New Moon occurring during October – November. Deepa in Sanskrit means “light” and Ãvali means “row” and so, Deepãvali means “a row of lights”. These lights are usually festively decorated earthen / clay lamps lit with oil and wick. This is one of the few festivals observed by all Hindus, Sikhs and Jains not only throughout India, but all over the world, thereby making this a truly unifying festival.

The significance of this festival is that we should strive to remove the darkness of ignorance (and hatred) from our heart, and fill it instead with the light of knowledge (and love).  Deepavali is a celebration of Universal Values: a) appreciating all the different types of wealth we have in life, b) developing mental strength to get rid of our evil tendencies and be a better person, c) celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and e) building on existing relationships and forming new friendships.

This is reflected in the most common ways Deepãvali is celebrated: Wearing new clothes, distributing sweets and gifts to everyone and bursting firecrackers as an expression of joy.

All are welcome!

Program of Events:

1 – 2pm:

Hands-on Diya (clay lamp) painting workshop for children: Children of all ages are invited to participate in a free hands-on art/coloring workshop inspired by Deepãvali – and take home with them! All art materials will be provided.

2 – 4pm:

A display of Deepãvali Festivities and regional dances: Community Garba and Dandiya and Lighting of 3000 candles.


For Further Information Please Contact The Hindu Temple in Flushing at (718) 460-8484 ext 112 Mrs. Lakshmi Sundararaman (646)691-5934, Mrs. Indira Narasimharajan (718) 631-0725, or Mr. Arun Kumar (347) 750-9691 or email: hts@nyganeshtemple.org