Event - A weekend of Ecuadorian Films

A weekend of Ecuadorian Films

11.03.18, 12:15 pm

Please join us Nov 3 – 4,  for a weekend of Ecuadorian Films – free and open to the public.

The fourth annual edition of the Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York, is presented by Maravilla, the New York-based organization dedicated to raising awareness of Latin America through films and the arts, in partnership with the New York based community and media outlet Ecuayorker, and with the support of Telemundo, Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen, the Consulate of Ecuador in New York and Pro-Ecuador.

The competitive film festival, the first of its kind in the world dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the burgeoning cinema of Ecuador, will take place October 25th to November 4th in three different venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens: Teatro SEA in Manhattan; The Queens Museum; and Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen in Brooklyn.


The program of films presented at Queens Museum (click on title for more info):



Manuela‘ 30m

Capitan Escudo‘ 19m


52 segundos‘* 1h33m

(+ ‘Ruta Viva‘ 13m)

*With director, Javier Andrade, in attendance




Contragolpe‘ 1h40m


Agujero Negro‘ 1h42m

(+ ‘Como pez fuera del agua‘ 15m)

* With actress Cristina Morrison in attendance