Event - 5th Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York

5th Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York

10.19.19, 12:00 pm

Please join us October 19 – 20,  for a weekend of Ecuadorian Films – free and open to the public.

The fifth annual edition of the Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York is presented by Maravilla, the New York-based organization dedicated to raising awareness of Latin America through films and the arts, in partnership with the with the support of Telemundo, Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen, and the Consulate of Ecuador in New York.

The competitive film festival, the first of its kind in the world dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the burgeoning cinema of Ecuador, will take place October 17th to the 20th in Queens, at The Queens Museum; and in Brooklyn, at Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen.

The program of films presented at Queens Museum will focus on recent feature documentaries:

Saturday, Oct 19th, 12pm:
Hasta el fin de Delfín”, feature documentary directed by Fernando Mieles, 54min, 2018 – Spanish and Kichwa with English subtitles

Follow by Q&A with Producer Esteban Fuertes.

A few years ago the indigenous Ecuadorian musician Delfín Quishpe uploaded a video clip on Youtube of his song “Twin Towers” without imagining the impact it would have. For some, the video was weird and plain tasteless, however his charisma and lyrics made him a celebrity. After ten years, Delfín still does not overcome the hangover of fame, and now struggles not to extinguish the magic of his craft, in a world of ephemeral stars in the digital age. 


Sunday, Oct 20th, 1pm: 
Huahua”, feature documentary directed by José Espinosa Anguaya, 2017 – Spanish with English subtitles

Followed by Q&A with Producer Citlalli Andrango.

Director José Espinosa Anguaya and producer, co-scriptwriter and partner Citlalli Andrango face a difficult choice when they find out that they are going to be parents: to raise their newborn in Ecuador’s capital Quito or in their native village. José returns to the northern Ecuadorian town of Otavalo to seek counsel among his family and town residents. Citlalli has her own questions. Together, and in their own way, José and Citlalli explore the history of their people, their identity and their role in society.

Sunday, Oct 20th, 3pm: 
Estación Polar”, feature documentary directed by David Holguín Wagner, 2019 – Spanish with English subtitles

Followed by Q&A with director David Holguín Wagner and the band members of Mamá Vudú.

25 years before Ecuadorian independent music was part of Youtube, Spotify or international festivals, Mamá Vudú was driving through the streets of Quito with raw sounds and rebellious lyrics. The band influenced a whole generation of musicians, urban characters and dreamy teenagers who identified with the idea of creating and living away from mass trends.

As part of the festival, Mamá Vudú will be playing at Terraza 7 on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 11:30 pm.

Tickets and more information for the concert here!