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    • Trip Guidelines Policies

    • You are responsible for reviewing these guidelines and instructions in order to book a guided tour.

      How do I book a School Tour?

      School group tours can only be booked through our online tour request form. We do not schedule tours over the phone. We respond to tour requests in the order they are received. We will be taking online requests for school trips starting on September 3, 2019. (The Oct-Dec 2019 schedule will be available online at that time.) Our calendar gets booked very fast and we process on a first-come-first-served basis. We encourage you to join the Queens Museum mailing list to be the first to know of the next possible booking opportunity.

      The Booking Process:

      1. Once you submit your online request you will receive an automated response that indicates that your request went through.
      1. We review your request and contact you by email to offer you an available tour date to accept or decline. This can take between two to three weeks.
      1. Once you accept your tour date, we email you a confirmation and an invoice.
      1. Your visit is not confirmed until you receive an official confirmation and invoice by email.

      Number of Groups: The Queens Museum can host between 4 – 6 school groups per day at the museum, depending on availability of space and exhibitions. If you wish to bring 6 groups to the museum on the same day we will need to stagger your tour start times. For example: If you wish to bring 6 classes:  3 classes will start their tour at 10am and 3 classes will start at 10:30am.

      Group Size: Our studio spaces max out at 35 people total occupancy and we provide seating and materials for 30 students. Each group/class may not exceed 35 people (students, chaperones, teachers, and paras combined) on a tour. If you have special circumstances in which you must bring school nurses or para professionals to exceed this total amount please contact us at in advance to make special accommodations.

      Self-Contained Classes: To ensure that we best meet the diverse learning needs of all students, self-contained classes may not be broken up and merged with other classes during their visit. Through our award-winning ArtAccess program, we are able to provide adaptations to students in self-contained classes. On your submission form, please let us know if there are self-contained classes as part of your booking and please use the notes section to let us know as much as you can about the adaptations necessary for those students.

      Schools Serving Special Needs Students: We welcome NYC DOE district 75 schools, hospital schools, or any institution serving K-12 students with physical, emotional or mental disabilities. Please use our ArtAccess school trip booking form to book your trip.

      Adult Chaperones: We request that visiting schools bring one adult chaperone for every 10 children in attendance. This adult count can include teachers, parents, nurses and paraprofessionals. We request that no more than FIVE adults (teacher included) come with each group.

      Chaperone Guidelines: We encourage chaperones to participate in the tour and promote safe museum behavior among student guests. Admission for chaperones and teachers is complimentary.  Please share the following guidelines with parent chaperones who will be accompanying you.

      – We encourage chaperones to participate in the art workshop/ gallery activity

      – Chaperones may not use their cell phones during the experience.

      – Chaperones may not bring additional children or infants to attend the tour experience.

      – For safety reasons, all adult chaperones must be present at the beginning of the tour to gain entrance to the Museum.  Additional adult chaperones will not be permitted to join the tour once it has started (most school tours take place when the Museum is closed to the public).

      Guided Tours: All tours are priced with a flat fee per group, regardless of the number of students in attendance. Museum experiences are anchored in interactions with our permanent collection or temporary exhibitions of international and local contemporary art.  Please view the exhibitions section of the QM website to see what will be on view the date of your visit.

      Our tour menu and prices are as follows.

      Two-hour visit (one-hour guided tour & one-hour hands-on workshop) $250 per class ($200 for NYC DOE and parochial schools)

      One and a half-hour visit (one-hour guided tour & a 30-minute gallery immersion activity) $225 per class ($175 for NYC DOE and parochial schools). Limited Availability. 

      One-hour visit (one-hour guided tour only) $150 per class ($100 for NYC DOE and parochial schools)

      Self-Guided Tours: Teachers can utilize the Queens Museum as a teaching space by planning a self-guided tour. During the School Year (October- June) the museum can accept a limited amount of self-guided tours Wednesday- Friday 12:30pm-5:00pm. Please fill out the adult group tour form to request and schedule a self-guided visit.

      Drop in self-guided visits are first come first serve. We suggest a donation of $50 per group of 30 visitors. There must be 1 adult chaperone for every 10 students. Children must be supervised at all times in the museum and yield galleries to any scheduled QM educator-lead guided tours. Kindly observe the museum guidelines. Please consult the Queens Museum website and twitter for updates on museum events and schedule. If you plan to bring more than 30 people for a self-guided visit, please email to schedule your visit.

      Queens Museum Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

      Self-Guided Tour Guidelines:

      -Teachers and adult chaperones, you are responsible for ensuring your students act in a safe and responsible manner in the Museum during a self-guided tour.

      -Admittance for a self-guided tour is a suggested donation of $50 per group of 30.

      -School groups must come prepared with at least one adult chaperone for every ten students in attendance.

      Lunch: At this time, the Queens Museum is unable to host lunchtime for school groups. There is no eating or drinking in the Museum during the tour experience. We encourage visiting schools to make alternate plans for lunch. Many of our school groups pack lunches and eat in adjacent Flushing Meadow Corona Park when the weather permits.

      Title 1 Discounts:  Queens Museum is able to provide a limited amount of additional Title 1 discounts to eligible NYC public schools every month. A Queens Museum Title 1 Discount is equal to $25 off the total NYC DOE cost of the tour experience. After you submit your request, we will email you to verify the availability of Title 1 discounts.

      Payment Options: We can process, cash, check or credit card at our admissions desk when your school group arrives. We also accept check by mail in advance.

      Payment MUST be received when you arrive at the Museum.

      Please note the fee is a flat rate per class.

      – If you intend to pay with check by mail, the check must arrive in advance of your date.

      -Please write your INVOICE # in the memo section of your check.

      -If you are bringing cash, please bring large bills.

      -If paying by DOE purchase order we must receive a copy of your work order by the day of your trip.

      Cancellations or Rescheduling: If you need to cancel your tour please consult the following terms.

      We do our best to be flexible with every school but late cancellations and no-show classes incur significant staffing costs to the Museum. Schools with outstanding invoices due and schools that repeatedly cancel with late or no notice may be barred from booking trips in the future.

      No Show: If your school does not attend on your scheduled dates and we have not confirmed a cancellation notice before your trip, your school is responsible for the full amount. If your school cancels with less than 48 hours notice, they are responsible for the full cost of the trip.

      Early Cancellation: Cancellation requests must be sent by email to at least two weeks prior to your scheduled visit.

      – Cancellations are only finalized once acknowledged by an email response. If you need to reschedule (with at least two weeks’ notice), we will make every effort to accommodate a new proposed date, but cannot guarantee a spot.

      Late Cancellation: Cancelling your tour with less than two weeks’ notice will result in a cancellation fee of half the total cost of the tours.

      DOE Cancellation: The Queens Museum agrees to cancel tours with no fee if the DOE issues a cancellation of field trips and/or school.

      -Safety Cancellation: The Museum reserves the right to cancel a tour, with notice if there are unsafe conditions in the museum or the park. In this event, we will work with you to reschedule your tour at the soonest available date.

      Late Arrival:

      You are responsible for arriving at the Museum at your scheduled time. Please carefully review driving and/or public transportation directions in advance. Please be aware of traffic/transit issues and carefully note our location in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

      Unfortunately, we cannot extend the length of your guided tour because of late arrival.

      If you are going to be late:

      – Please call our front desk at 718-592-9700, ext 233.

      – We cannot delay or reschedule your tours if you are late. Late groups are still responsible for paying the full amount.

      Travel Directions:

      – Please visit our website for recommended driving and subway directions to the Queens Museum:

      GPS: Please note that we find the most accurate driving directions to the Museum are provided by Google Maps, make sure you enter “Queens Museum”. Other GPS devices and Apple Maps software DO NOT consistently provide accurate driving directions to the Museum.

      Museum Behavior Guidelines for Student and Adult Visitors:

      – LISTEN respectfully to your Museum Educator and each other.

      – EXPERIENCE the art with your eyes. Do not touch art without permission from your Museum Educator.

      – WALK carefully in the Museum.

      – Enjoy food and drink before you visit the Museum. Food and Drink are not permitted inside.

      Adult Group Tours

      Can be booked here.

      Any More Questions?

      Feel free to email

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