La Ventanita
for Children and Teachers

La Ventanita/The Little Window asks children to look through all their little windows and share what they see or wish to see through a drawing, painting or another type of artwork. Each Friday, your teacher shares a topic or idea and a new art technique to inspire you.

How do I get involved?
Every Friday, your art  teacher will share the link to a weekly topic or theme and a new way to make art, like a new way to paint or some interesting drawing material you already have in your home. You look through your little window and draw, paint or make what you see. Then, share your view with the world. 

What to draw or make?
Use pencils, pens, markers or coal from the barbecue pit to draw. Paint with tea, food coloring and bright spices like paprika and tumeric. Stick paper shapes to make a collage. Bend and shape foil to make sculpture. Draw, paint or make something or someone you see through your little window or something or someone you’d like to see.
Write your name on your art.
Write your age.
Put a title on your art, if you have one.
Write the date you finished the work.

What should I do with my art?
Definitely keep it in a safe place! You can also send images of your artwork to and/or post them to your social media accounts using the hashtag #QMVentanita. As La Ventanita/The Little Window expands and evolves, we will be exploring different possibilities for presenting these artworks on our online platforms and within our physical space. 

Weekly prompts
Week 1: Outside and Inside
Week 2: Create, Imagine and Play with Puppets
Week 3: Shaping the World of Tomorrow