We Are Your Future: The Voices of Queens Teens


We Are Your Future: The Voices of Queens Teens addresses social issues through the lens of teenagers. This exhibition brings together art by 33 High School students that examines the contemporary societal problems that affect their future. The work in the show, created as part of the Queens Museum’s Queen Teen Program, aims to include the teens’ voices in the larger conversation regarding topics like gun violence, immigration,LGBTQ+ and mental health. Offered since 2001, the Queen Teens program provides arts enrichment and career advancement to teens who are affiliated with the borough of Queens through communities, schools, or residence. The teens, many of whom are first-generation Americans, make up a mix of cultural backgrounds, languages, ages, and socioeconomic status and reflect the diversity of Queens through their wide-ranging identities.

Opening Reception: June 14, 2019, 1-4pm