Diego Medina
Don't Let Money Rule Over Art

The Queens Museum dedicated a specific budget of $300 for production of the work.

What can I do in daily life with $300?

-Two weeks worth of groceries
-One-third of a month’s rent
-Four months worth of metrocard
-Fill up the gas tank seven times
-Pay four months worth of cellular phone bills
-Eat sushi ten times
-Go out dancing on Roosevelt Avenue twice
-Go to the beach on three Saturdays
-Buy one pair of jeans, or one pair of shoes, or four shirts, or one jacket
-Buy a small digital camera
-Buy an iPod without accessories

I decided to buy $300 worth of wood and make a sculpture with it. I like to work with wood, and I like the fact that it is a natural resource, gentle, warm, a tree that was sacrificed and without knowing participated in this work.

I like the shadow of trees and to be seated in a wooden chair makes me think of where the material comes from—it brings me good memories.

These wooden sculptures are an exploration in volume and in the possibilities of my creativity and my artwork with the money given for production. It is an invitation to meditate on the role of money in art and daily life.

The images and documents register the process of the work, how to do a work for a specific place and situation with $300.

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