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The Queens Museum is one of the only US museums to house a working studio program. In Fall 2013, an expansion doubling the Museum’s size included new artist studios in the north wing. We invite all artists to apply for a subsidized studio at the Museum, available for one year, with a possible extension for a second year.

In designating permanent real estate to the long-term development of new work on-site, as well as creating a community of artists, the Queens Museum aims to promote artists’ creative process and professional development. The Queens Museum Studio Program is one part of a suite of artists’ services funded by The Scherman Foundation’s Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund that also includes on-and offsite workshops and professional development for emerging artists.

July 10
Application deadline. To apply, please click here.

August 3–August 7
Finalist interviews

August 14
Artists informed

October 1
Studios available for occupancy

(2) 550 sq ft studios = $350/month
(2) 350 sq ft studios = $225/month
(1) 300 sq ft studio = $200/month

Fees go towards studio program administrative costs and maintenance

As a studio program within a museum, we encourage artists to apply who believe they might be able to contribute to the life of the organization. Participation can range from being in your studio during Queens Museum exhibition openings to organizing events for the public with the input of the Curatorial and Public Events departments. Please consider your availability and geographical location carefully, and apply only if you are confident you will use the studio 15 hours/week or more. If you can, we encourage you to visit and familiarize yourself with the Museum before you apply.

Selections will be made by Queens Museum staff and two distinguished outside professionals: one curator and one artist. This jury will select a small number of finalists who will then be interviewed in person or via Skype for a final decision.

Artists have access to their studios from 6:00 am to midnight. Because the studios are within the Museum, there can be no use of toxic or combustible materials. There is limited access to a woodshop.

We ask all studio artists to attend a monthly meeting to which everyone can bring ideas, questions, and interesting visitors. There are six scheduled studio visits a year, suggested by artists. Open studios are scheduled to coincide with exhibition openings at the Queens Museum.


  • Who can apply? All artists can apply, except for currently matriculating students and those employed by the Queens Museum
  • Do I have to live in Queens? No
  • Do I have to be a U.S. citizen? No—but you do have to be able to live legally in the U.S. for a year
  • How large are the studios? Some are approximately 550 square feet and others are approximately 350 square feet. Ceiling height is 12’. Are there limitations to what materials I can work with? Yes. There can be no toxic materials or oil paint and no open flame. Dusty or heavy-duty production is discouraged.
  • What about my noise level? All artists will be asked to use headphones when playing music. Construction-related noise is discouraged Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (while school tours are underway).
  • Is the common area available for me to put up my work? Yes. If there is a lot of interest in this, we may ask that you use a calendar to avoid conflicts.
  • Does anything else happen in the studio wing? Due to space limitations in the Museum, all departments (Curatorial, Public Events, and Education) do occasionally use the studio program common area for classes, events, and production space.
  • Can I choose my studio? We will ask you to rank your preferences.
  • Do studios have windows or natural light? No
  • What hours are studios accessible? 6:00 am to midnight
  • Can I sleep in my studio? No
  • Are pets and other animals allowed in the building? No
  • Are there bathrooms/slop sinks? Yes
  • Can I share the space with anyone? Long-established collaborative groups may apply for the studio. Also, artists’ employees or interns may occupy the studio if they are working on the artist’s project with permission from Queens Museum staff.
  • Can I occupy the studio for less than a year? No
  • Will Queens Museum visitors get to see my work? Yes, during exhibition openings. Otherwise, the studio wing is not accessible to the public. We may conduct tours of the studios for potential donors and other visitors, and we will notify you in advance of the date and time.
  • Will artists be able to organize events, screenings, talks, or workshops in our studios? Yes. If you are expecting more than ten guests at a time, please let us know two weeks in advance.
  • Will artists be able to organize events, screenings, talks, or workshops in Museum spaces? Curatorial and Public Events staff would love to hear your ideas.
  • Will the Queens Museum help artists do offsite work or collaborative work with community partners? Yes. However, given our many years of carefully cultivating relationships in the neighborhoods around the Museum, we’d appreciate your speaking to our staff community organizers with your plans so not only can we avoid any confusion or conflict, but possibly identify interesting synergies.
  • Is there parking available? Yes. There is a free parking lot right next to the Museum.
  • Is there security? Yes. There is a lock on your door and a security guard on duty around the clock.
  • Is there wi-fi? Yes
  • What are the lights like? Gallery track lighting, with removable bulbs.
  • What is the power supply in the studios? Each studio has at least one dedicated 15 amp circuit. Please indicate if you require more power as it might be possible to provide it to you at certain times.
  • What if I get hungry? There is a lounge with a refrigerator and microwave. A 15-minute walk brings you into Corona, Queens, with excellent Latin and Italian food. A walk to the subway and one stop away in Flushing are uncountable Asian restaurants. The Museum café is open during public hours.
  • Can I smoke in the studios or common areas? No—there are no windows and the Queens Museum is a public building.
  • Can I enter the rest of the Museum when it’s closed to the public? No
  • How do I bring in my work? The studios are on the ground floor with a secured door to the parking lot. There is separate access to a loading dock.
  • Is it wheelchair-accessible? Yes
  • Why is there a fee? The fee covers administrative costs for a studio program coordinator and maintenance.
  • What if I run out of money? Failure to pay three months’ rent will result in expulsion from the program.
  • What’s Flushing Meadows Corona Park like? We are in a vibrant urban park, but we don’t recommend walking across it to the subway alone late at night.