The World of Tomorrow Day 8

Hello Everyone!

Today the artists continued to cover their cardboard sculptures of futuristic creatures, humans, aliens, and robots in felt. The sculptures have been coming together very well and are completed!

After lunch, the room was rearranged for all the artists to sit parallel facing one another in a circle. One by one, each artist stepped in with their sculpture and presented it to their peers. While presenting, the artists shared the name of their sculpture, as well as describing facts such as where their future creature lives and what their future creature does. Artists who were not presenting were contributing questions and comments. We met many aliens and future beings today including a half cat-half robot!

In the early afternoon, campers jumped into a print making activity. Working with red card-stock artists collaged an imaged inspired by the word future onto white card-stock. Next, they chose between blue and gold and painted it over their collage. Once the collage was painted over, the artists then placed the collage on top of black paper. After firmly pressing down on the black paper, the artists removed the collage piece and were left with spectacular original prints!

Check out our gallery below to see photos from today’s activities!