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    • Adopt A Building Stories

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    • There are infinite beautiful stories behind why people want to adopt a building on the Panorama. Below are some of our favorites:

      • As far as we know, this apartment has never housed a future president or Oscar winner; it was never the site of any event of political or cultural importance; it has no hidden architectural treasures. But it’s where we first lived together, where we had our first fight about whether it was ok to leave pants on the floor overnight, where our friends gathered once a week to eat, drink, and watch Project Runway, where he proposed and where we planned our life together. Through three different landlords, a revolving door of graduate student neighbors, block parties, election lines, construction and infestation by that one mouse who just refused to respect our authority as humans, this was where we learned to be New Yorkers.
      • She personifies the West Side and is a long-time resident of this classic apartment building. After 9/11, she and her architectural firm were the highest tenants in New York City (with the radio/TV equipment at the top of the Empire State Building), so she has truly owned the NYC panorama without a ‘deed’ for many years.
      • She lived here in Apartment #1 from 2003 to 2014. Many great years were spent on this unique and historic one-block street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, including numerous celebrations with friends, family and neighbors, ranging from open-hydrant block parties and Passover celebrations to Halloween pumpkin carving and backyard barbecues in a garden that she hand-planted with herbs and flowers. At the time that she moved out of her home, it was the longest she had lived in any one place.
      • This apartment is our first home as a married couple. I surprised him with a trip to the Panorama (he’d never heard of it and was amazed) and we spent hours looking at the incredibly detailed work of a city that we both love so much. This is in honor of our first anniversary as a married couple, with wishes for many more to come, for both us and the panorama!
      • This apartment is where we fell in love.
      • This apartment will be adopted as a representation of my boyfriend’s dream who believes in sending positive vibes to the universe to achieve our dreams. He says that if “we put our dreams in perspective, and say out loud for the world to hear, it becomes a reality and a challenge to achieve”. His biggest goal is to one day work at the UN and what better than “living” across the river, having the most amazing reminder that your dream/goal is just one hop and a skip or maybe a swim away. So we have to work hard to achieve our goals and we work to get the experience to land the job of his dreams. Soon I know it will happen.
      • This is a birthday gift to a wonderful girlfriend who really likes tiny versions of things: Ensuring the proper upkeep of a large thing that depicts an even larger thing in tiny form, including the first apartment we shared.
      • This is a gift to our dear Aunt in memory of our amazing Uncle. He was the one of the most special people you could be fortunate to have known. We miss him dearly and will always keep fond memories close in our hearts.
      • This is for one of the true lovers of NYC! She’s walked the perimeter of Manhattan in one day, ridden the entirety of the subway system in two days, dug deep into the sands of Coney Island’s history as a master student and became a doctor while strutting in the foot steeps of disco greatness. Now we are honored to say that this heart felt NYC’er calls Bensonhurst home. Keep doing this city proud Riptide Warrior!
      • This is our first apartment together, and hopefully the start of being together for a long time. She lived here originally, but I lived just a few blocks away (the geographic convenience is possibly why she agreed to a date).
      • This is the address of our first apartment together, one we’ve filled with love, laughter, happiness and so many memories.
      • This is the apartment I have been in for 5+ years. Prior to me moving in it was my sister’s apartment for 3 years. My parents helped my sister find the apartment originally. Over the years they have come from Minnesota numerous time to help both of us fix it up with paint, construction projects and accessories. They love the apartment almost as much as the two of us who have lived there!
      • This is the apartment in which my partner and I fell in love with New York City, and, in the process, rediscovered our love for one another. The apartment overlooks the Hudson River and my partner, a maritime historian, would observe the river traffic from its windows and build ship models in the gleaming afternoon light. We delighted in watching the river and the light upon it change over the course of the day. Together, we shared many moments in the apartment–happy anniversaries (our 10th!) and birthdays and even some scary occasions, like watching the storm surge come up the Hudson during Hurricane Sandy. We are subletting now, but look forward to moving back.
      • This is the first and only apartment we have lived in since moving to New York City. A friend of a friend set us up with the property management company. I sent a deposit sight unseen (even though I know how scary that is). The first night I arrived in they city, I looked at it and said, “well, it could just be an expensive lesson.” It wasn’t, and we’ve been happy ever since. It was an amazing find, and we have loved living here.
      • This is the house that our Mom grew up in as a girl, started her married life in with our Dad, raised her 3 sons in, and still lives in with our Dad for over 30 years that he has been retired. Memories of stickball and paddle ball at the park, or running bases or playing touch football outside, are still triggered each time we drive the streets to the house to visit.
      • This is where my daddy moved to into the city and met mommy. Mommy moved in with him there and it’s where I was born. I lived there until I was 6 months old.
      • This purchase is being made in honor of our mother, who grew up in this apartment in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Our family drove across the country to attend the 1964 World’s Fair and saw the Panorama exhibit. Now at age 87, our mother has dementia, but still remembers her former home and the city she loved. We, her adult children, wanted to find a unique way to express our enormous gratitude to her for opening our eyes to a wider world and, among other adventures, bringing us to the wonderful city of New York and all it has to offer.
      • This was our first apartment in New York city together, where we evolved from idiot kids to strong adults. I love our neighborhood and our home but as our family grows, space must as well and we will be leaving to adventures in less expensive parts of the city. Our first apartment that when we moved in together, far too quickly when we were broke, is now the apartment where we are a family.
      • This was the site of our first date. We wore nearly matching outfits.
      • We bought this apartment together last year, after having both lived in the neighborhood for 24 years (him) and 9 years (her). We met at the local farmer’s market and fell in love, at least partially, because we both love Ditmas Park so much and wanted to keep making a life here.
      • We live here. We lived here when we moved to big, scary NYC, we lived here when we got married, we lived here when we adopted our second cat, and now I will continue to live here for a little while until I can join my husband in Alabama where he has taken a fellowship. This apartment was supposed to be a stopgap, but it became home. And since we have been visiting the Panorama regularly since our first weeks living in this wonderful borough, this seemed like a fitting way to commemorate our time in this apartment — not like we could ever afford to actually buy a full-size apartment! But one at 1:1200 scale will do just fine.
      • After being in a relationship for over 7 years, this is the first apartment my partner and I shared. Now, nearly 10 years into the relationship we are still together and in the same apartment. It is our first home and always to be remembered.
      • After moving into this wonderful apartment with great friends, I was informed by my uncle that we inhabited the same address as Mary Lou Williams had, perhaps the most important female jazz musician to emerge in the first three decades of jazz. There was no historical marker on the building but I feel like buying this miniature building in her honor will be a nice gesture.
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