Summer 2016 Programming Calendar

May 29

12-5pm Recording Session for Endangered Languages

A facilitator from the Endangered Language Alliance will operate a recording booth where participants can contribute a story, a conversation or simply memories of a family language to a growing archive documenting NYC’s linguistic diversity.

June 2

2-5pm Forest Hills: Birthplace of Punk

Tour the Ramones exhibit and take a guided bus ride through Forest Hills, the neighborhood where it all started. The tour will conclude with mural unveiling at the Thorneycroft ramp, an indomitable part of Ramones history.

June 4

12-3pm Janks Archive Collection

Janks Archive conducts an investigation of insult humor—an ancient oral tradition—from cultures around the world. While intentions appear, at first, to be cruel, “janks” are in fact an integral aspect of human interaction, used as much to strengthen camaraderie as to establish dominance. The project documents this tradition through crowdsourcing and field recording, in which participants recite “janks” from memory.

1-2:30pm Las Reinas Open Rehearsal by Jesus Benavente and Felipe Castelblanco

Join artists Jesus Benavente and Felipe Castelblanco as they develop and rehearse a song they’re developing in real time with two Mariachi bands, one in Queens and the other based in Bogotá, Colombia. The collaborating bands and artists will reveal the pervasiveness of the Mariachi genre, a Mexican musical tradition that is steeped in poverty, pride, protest, and community, but has been widely adapted to the needs of a globalized tourist economy.

3-5:30 pm Trouble’s The Stood Maze, featuring musical performance by Patrick Higgins and visuals by E.S.P. TV

Artist duo Trouble will create a pop- up labyrinth held up by 33 stationary performers accompanied by experimental guitarist Patrick Higgins and live visuals by E.S.P. TV.

7-10 pm Becoming New Objects After hours concert hosted at Trans-Pecos
Following the day’s events, Trans-Pecos will host a concert featuring performances by Logan Takahashi and the Human Pitch Freeform Ensemble as well as a live taping by E.S.P. TV

June 11

1-3 pm Languages Lost and Found – A Roundtable
Writers, translators, linguists and practitioners discuss language endangerment, revitalization and multilingualism in both the local context of New York, and the global context of ongoing struggles to maintain linguistic diversity in the face of increasing cultural homogenization.

June 12

3-3:30 pm: Alina Tenser: Selections from Sports Closet
Artist Alina Tenser will create a set consisting of a folding-screen that shifts, collapses, and forms to her movements. The screen is a nod to the artist’s video work in which she choreographs herself with made and found objects, essentially animating form with human breath and step.

4-4:30 pm: Freya Powell: Reading Frequencies: Omniscience
22 performers will read and sign through a list of words derived from Freya Powell’s sound installation, Omniscience and Oblivion. The words of the text have been ordered in terms of frequency of occurrence, starting with the words just used once to the word used most often (22 times). As the word use increases so will the number of readers, resulting in 22 readers speaking or signing the final word in unison.

June 19

1-3:30 pm: Pop to Punk: The Ramones and Visual Art
Exhibit curator Marc H. Miller will host two panel discussions featuring Punk Magazine co-founder John Holmstrom, photographer Roberta Bayley and artists Ted Reiderer and Sandra Schulman exploring the legacy of Punk Magazine and Ramones’ art director Arturo Vega

June 25

12-6 pm: Ramones Mania
The Ramones will take over as the Museum plays host to numerous events including a punk rock flea market, film screenings, book signing by David Godlis, Q&As with Ramones insiders and a performance by the all female Ramones tribute band Rockaway Bitch.

June 26

1-1:40 pm and 3-3:40 pm: Samita Sinha and Brian Chase: This Space
Vocal artist and composer Samita Sinha along with drummer and composer Brian Chase will use voice and percussion to respond to the sounds of the Museum, creating a space listening within the atrium.

July, TBD

Tour of NYC waterway with artist Duke Riley.

July 9

12:20-1 pm and 1:20-2 pm: Samita Sinha and Brian Chase: This Space
Vocal artist and composer Samita Sinha along with drummer and composer Brian Chase will use voice and percussion to respond to the sounds of the Museum, creating a space listening within the atrium.


July 23

2-9 pm: From Forest Hills: Birthplace of Punk to Rock Rock Rockaway Beach
Tour the exhibit and the Ramones stomping ground of Forest Hills on a bus tour led by former manager Monte Melnick. The bus will then travel to The Low Tide Bar on Beach 97th street in Rockaway Beach (it’s not hard, not far to reach) for live performances by Sick Feeling and Unstoppable Death Machines This concert pays homage to the legacy of the Ramones and is part of a series presented by Trans-Pecos in collaboration with the Queens Museum

July/August TBD

City of Walkers & Wildlife in New York City
Details to come ASAP

July 31

1- pm: Las Reinas Final Performance by Jesus Benavente and Felipe Castelblanco
Jesus Benavente, Felipe Castelblanco and their collaborators will perform the new song, Las Reinas (The Queens).

2:30-3pm: Sam Vernon with Abby Dobson: When You’re Smiling…The Many Faces of the Mask
Artist Sam Vernon will collaborate with vocalist Abby Dobson in response to Vernon’s installation Louis & Sam, currently on view in the Museum’s atrium. Dobson will interpret a selection of Louis Armstrong songs including Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen, You’ll Never Walk Alone, and What A Wonderful World.

3-5pm: Screening of A Frame Apart: Short Films Showcase followed by Q&A with filmmakers
Queens is the most diverse area in the country and serves as a muse to an up and coming generation of filmmakers. A Frame Apart celebrates six short documentaries by local artists. Following the screening, a selection of the filmmakers will participate in a Q&A.