Studio in the Park
Week 3

Last Sunday, the People’s Design Laboratory exploded out of the studio and out onto the lawn, bringing drawing materials and freshly screenprinted designs to the Studio in the Park’s participating visitors. Patrick’s books were filled with drawings and ideas for signage, thanks in large part to the help of Mobile Print Power’s growing family. Mobile Print Power’s young members taught parkgoers how to screenprint and facilitated the action, even putting on an impromptu dance performance!

Check out some photos from Saturday’s festivities below.






Patrick is now working on the next phase of his project: using the community participants’ ideas to generate amalgamated designs for the park’s signage. Working with members of Mobile Print Power, Patrick has found several key themes emerging from the drawing books, and will spend the next few days coming up with sign designs based on the thematized drawings. Look out soon for graphics based on the following themes and locations:

Natural areas—many people mentioned that they came to the park to hang out by Willow Lake, or to get away from the city and be completely surrounded by nature.


Bathrooms—always necessary and hard to find in parks. Patrick is excited about making "a really dynamic bathroom sign.” I look forward to seeing what that might be!

The Unisphere—a popular destination point, and the symbol of the 1965 New York World’s Fair. A number of the folks who stopped by the People’s Design Laboratory drew pictures of the not-so-secret rainbow that the fountains create—at a certain angle. Have you seen it?

Play areas—from the Playground for All Children to good spots to kick around a soccer ball, visitors young and old enjoy coming to the park to play.


The Ice Rink—not only is this area wonderful during the wintertime, but it can also be used during all seasons.

The People’s Design Laboratory will be displaying their prototyped designs and seeking community feedback this weekend. If you plan to be in Flushing Meadows Corona Park this July 4th, come visit and share your ideas!