Queens Memory Project
A Collection of World's Fair Memories

The Queens Memory Project is an oral history project done in collaboration with the Queens Library and Queens College that aims to supplement historical objects, photographs, maps, and other documents from their archives with personal stories from current Queens residents.

The Queens Museum is working with the Queens Memory Project to interview Museum visitors who visited the 1939 or 1964 World’s Fairs. Our World’s Fair exhibitions are powerful triggers of personal memories and life experiences for many visitors. This partnership makes it possible to record, archive and publicly share the stories that these visitors have been sharing with us.

To hear the audio, visit the Queens Memory Project website.

Probert_Matthew_08222014_photo  Weinreb_Esther_10172014_photo  Savage_Gary_10192014_photo

Matthew Probert, Esther Weinreb, and Gary Savage share their memories of the Fair at the Queens Museum. Hear their stories about dinosaur rides, underwater buildings, a visit from Roosevelt, and more at the Queens Memory Project website.

Image: The Unisphere at the 1964 World’s Fair by Fred R. Tannery