The World of Tomorrow Day 9

Hello Everyone,

Today the artists were on an art making roll like never before! The artists have been working on futuristic transportation and creatures for the past couple of days. Today, they focused on sounds. For the first activity, Josh supplied the artists with five themes. For each theme, the artist painted a scene and displayed a sound that would occur in that scene to echo the theme. The five themes were vehicle traffic, five alarm fire, boats, helicopters, and the subway system. For example, the artists were given the word subway and drew a subway system of their own in ink then wrote a word on the picture of a sound that is normally heard at a subway like… Ding-Ding!  The artists then brought life to their images with watercolor paint.

After lunch, the studio was transformed into a printmaking factory! Four printmaking stations were placed around the studio supplied with blue and gold paint. Artists chose between blue and gold and painted it over their collage that they either made yesterday and today. Once the collage was painted over, the artists then placed the collage on top of black paper. After firmly pressing down on the black paper, the artists removed the collage piece and were left with their very own prints of future worlds!

Following the print making-a-thon,  artists jumped into a self-portraits project. However, they weren’t present day self portraits…they were self portraits of themselves at age 111! The artists dug deep into their imagination and the studio overflowed with images of white long beards and wide smiles!  Meanwhile, Tim pulled out four artists at a time and brought them to another part of the studio. It was there that the artists contributed their voices to make sounds for the stop motion animation project that will premiere tomorrow at the final exhibition presenting all the campers work!

Check out our gallery below for photos from today’s activities!